The value chain in the Sundsvall area

Our forests are responsibly managed and will be as rich in timber, biodiversity and nature experiences in the future as today.

If we harvest a pine tree in the forest, the big logs go to Bollsta sawmill, Sweden's largest sawmill, where they are turned into quality wood products. The bark is used for energy production, and the chips are used as raw material for kraft pulp. The sawdust becomes raw material for pellets.

The smaller logs from the pine tree are delivered to Östrand pulp mill in Timrå, where it is used, together with saw mill chips, for the production of kraft pulp.

At our pellet mill in Härnösand, sawdust is turned into fuel pellets for household heating or for larger boilers. The same trucks that bring sawdust to the pellet mill bring pellets to the Östrand kraft pulp mill, where they are used to fuel the chemical recovery system.

The big logs from spruce trees are brought to the Tunadal sawmill, where part of the production of wood products are planed and painted and delivered to building material stores in Scandinavia. The bark is used for energy production in the nearby Ortviken paper mill. The chips are used in the Östrand pulp mill and the sawdust is used for pellets.

The small logs from the spruce tree is delivered to Ortviken paper mill for the production of mechanical pulp, which together with kraft pulp from Östrand is used for the production of top quality publication paper for magazines, catalogues and commercial print.

District heating, Sundsvall-Timrå

Apart from forest products, Ortviken and Östrand deliver heat to the neighboring communities. Both Sundsvall and Timrå district heating are supplied with energy from SCA.

R&D Centre

Our R&D Centre is located at the campus of the Mid Sweden University in Sundsvall for close cooperation in the development of new products and businesses.

Tunadal harbor

Our forests and mills are located in northern Sweden, but our customers are found all over the world. Efficient transport solutions are essential to our business and from the Tunadal harbor we reach the whole world.