SCA’s innovation process is deeply embedded in the Group’s strategy and business model. Innovation activities are based on market trends, customer and consumer insight, new technology and new business models. Sustainability aspects and product safety are always considered throughout the process.

SCA is dedicated to drive innovation to meet today's challenges as well as to be prepared to meet the future with changing market- and customer demands. All of SCA's innovation work starts with an insight about a customer or consumer need. This insight will guide the innovation work on how to improve existing products, satisfy new needs and build our brands. Innovation is also about enhanced service offering where, for example, digitalization offers new and comprehensive opportunities.

Innovation creates value for our business by increasing customer and consumer satisfaction and cutting costs by improving efficiency, for example in how we use raw materials and optimize transportation. This means both lower environmental impact and lower costs.

Innovation work is conducted both through shared resources and with each business activity and is continuously monitored by the management team. In addition to inhouse development, SCA is driving innovation through strategic cooperation with selected external partners.

The Forest Business Accelerator

SCA is cooperating with start-ups through the Forest Business Accelerator . The accelerator, which is cross fertilizing forest related business with digitalization and entrepreneurship, is a cooperation between SCA, IBM and the business incubator, Bizmaker. The accelerator program offers selected startups tailor-made business coaching toward commercialization and internationalization. Through this initiative we see the potential to build new relations and initiate fruitful co-operations that will contribute to the renewal of our industry.


Arcwise® represents a revolutionary innovation in corrugated packaging. For the first time in the history of corrugated, Arcwise® technology allows for bending of corrugated board into a continuos round shape. The technology provides the unique opportunity to integrate graphic design with curved shaped packaging having the rigidity of corrugated board. A new world of innovative design opportunities along with superior packaging performance and sustainability are enabled. Arcwise® supports brand owners quest for new innovative packaging that makes their brands stand out in the highly competitive market place.


SmartTimber is a concept that includes many things, both smart sustainable and durable wood products and innovative services. The products within SmartTimber are developed to facilitate work at the end-user and to provide a better overall economics for construction projects. Examples of products within the SmartTimber concepts are heart wood pine decking, semi-finished cladding with concealed fitting and wood products with custom lengths adapted to the end-use. SmartTimber is also about saving time and cost for merchants, for example though smart logistics services and bar-code marking of the products.

Painted timber cladding

In 2016, SCA Timber successfully launched the second generation range of coated and painted wall cladding for exterior protection and decoration of Scandinavian family homes. Features are including an improved surface due to new cutting techniques, better length adaptation to end-use and digital sales.

Defect free components for joinery and interior application

By using advanced cutting, scanning and gluing techniques SCA has developed a range of components for industrial customers. The components, which are improved with respect to visual defects and dimensional stability, are used for high quality wood solutions in the joinery and home improvement sectors.


With the tool Skogsvinge™, all forest owners in northern Sweden can get a unique opportunity to obtain detailed knowledge of their forest. Skogsvinge™ is the broad name for a variety of products which describes the forest and the maintenance and care of it. Skogsvinge's underlying data is collected using airborne laser scanning. SCA has developed methods to develop forest data with high precision from this data. Examples of Skogsvinge's products include Skogsvinge™ Forestry data that provides information about height, volume and diameter of the forest. Skogsvinge™ Thinning shows where it is appropriate to thin the forest, and Skogsvinge™ Shaded terrain model shows how the ground looks under the vegetation. These products together provide a solid basis for planning forest management, as good as if you had mad an inventory of the entire property from the ground!


GraphoStyle is a bright and matt LWC paper that offers great value for readers and advertisers. The matt surface is easily-readable, while the higher brightness provides good contrasts and vibrant colours in images. It is a voluminous paper, having a bulk 30% higher than conventional LWC grades, giving the printed material a high-class feel and appearance. It is suitable for a wide range of magazines and commercial prints, also with low number of pages.