SCA's core values

SCA's core values are based in the company's history, and the Group has been built around the core values. They define the way to do business and the way to behave. The core values inspire and challenge SCA's employees in their efforts to create a successful company – financially, socially and environmentally.

Respect for our colleagues, customers and business partners is a given. Treating people as equals and showing mutual respect fosters cooperation and allows us to develop – as people and as a company.

We always strive to exceed expectations by improving ourselves, our products and our services to create a sustainably profitable and renewable future.

We have a responsibility to nature, each other and future generations. Each and every one of us is also responsible for ensuring that we all feel safe and secure at work and that we are given opportunities to develop. When we assume responsibility, learn more and have fun, we do a better job.


Contribute to a circular society by providing our customers with sustainable products based on raw materials from responsibly managed forests and an efficient value chain.


  • Generate increased shareholder value by growing with the market and generating a stable cashflow

  • Contribute to the success of our customers

  • Contribute to a sustainable and circular society

  • Enable our employees to realize their full potential, as part of one winning team


  • Win in chosen geographies and categories

Generally, the markets for SCA have relatively low consolidation with many operators both on the customer and supplier side. The company's strategy is based on developing attractive product offerings for customers, which translates to the right and expected quality for each specific end-use, the highest delivery reliability and a strong sustainability offering. The strategy is refined by selectively choosing attractive product niches for each business activity and by prioritizing economically advantageous geographical markets. SCA continuously tracks the company's performance in these important areas and prioritizes initiatives to grow and to ensure resilience.

  • Develop new business opportunities through innovations

SCA endeavors to strengthen its brand and increase customer benefits through purposeful innovation efforts, which include both traditional product development for selected applications and also through an enhanced service offering where, for example, digitalization offers new and comprehensive opportunities. Innovation work is conducted both through shared resources and within each business activity and is continuously monitored by the Management Team.

  • Drive efficiency

The company's extensive forest holding has enabled, and continues to drive, production efficiency in forest management and the large company-controlled raw material flows enable logistics optimization for all areas of operation. The efficient raw material flows have made it profitable and strategically appropriate to invest in structural rationalizations that have created today's large and modern sawmills and pulp and paper manufacturing units. Continuous improvements in efficiency and in the customer offering are required and form an integral part of the company's strategy. Efficiency work permeates the entire organization, including production, maintenance, logistics, administration, development and marketing/sales.