Sörgraninge conservation park consist of 1.710 hectares . It offers a wide variety of natural habitats. These include high-conservation-value forests and cultural relics from times gone by.

The park lies in south-eastern Ångermanland, south of Graninge Lake, beside Road 331, which runs between Graninge and Bergeforsen. The landscape of the park is highly diverse with demarcated mountain groups and a multitude of marshes and lakes. The natural assets include a fertile woodland stream, a high-elevation conifer forest with heavy lichen growth, fire-affected pine forest, sand pine scrub and deciduous forest. The park therefore offers a multitude of habitats for mosses, lichens, fungi, insects and animals.

Despite many felling operations over the past decades, there are still large core areas of natural forest which, to varying degrees, are linked by corridors along winding streams and rivers. There is great potential for further conservation development.

One of the ideas behind SCA'sconservation parks is to strengthen existing conservation values.This conservation park achieves this aim by, for example, linking three nature reserves.

The animals and plants in our forests have adapted to living in forests with natural disturbances such as storms, floods and, not least, fires. Therefore, in many places, we want tomimic the natural processes that used to occur in the forest. As a result, we will conduct controlled burns in certain areas, actively create new dead woodand actively damage trees to mimic fire damage. Large areas will also be leftto develop freely.

Sörgraningeconservation park is easily accessible to visitors and offers greatopportunities for outdoor recreation. There are several beautiful and exciting trails, and an array of good fishing waters (requires a fishing permit,however.

What to do

  • A complete systemof pitfall traps. The Åkroken pitfall trap system is 700 meters long and datesback to 3500 BC, which makes it the oldest system in the county.
  • A new pitfall trapto show visitors what the pits might have looked like when they were used forelk hunting, for example.
  • Remains from twocharcoal kilns used in the early 1940s.
  • The forests on the mountains Björnberget and Kvarnberget has many pines that a several hundred years old.
  • A 2 km long forest trail on the mountain Sakrisberget that runs through an old pine forest with traces from forest fires.

How to get here

Sörgraninge lies in south-eastern Ångermanland, south of Graninge Lake, beside road 331, which runs between Graninge and Bergeforsen.

With a gps: 62.971 -17.167