Peltovaara conservation park comprises a total of 3,100 hectares. It is home to exciting values linked to both the Lapp culture and early tourism in the area. Furthermore, the nature conservation values of the area are high due to the presence of old forests.

Peltovaara conservation park is special in many ways, not least because of the commitment shown to it by the local inhabitants of the area. As part of its involvement, SCA collaborates with the Gellivare folklore society, the Gällivare branch of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Swedish Forest Agency, Gällivare Municipality and Norrbotten's ornithological society. The future management of the area will be carried out in collaboration with these players.

SCA's objective for the park is to preserve and strengthen the existing nature and cultural values and to develop the Group's way of managing forests in which many different interests are involved.

The mountain of Peltovaara and Akkavaara is dominated by pine forest. The area is affected by several forest fires and most of the trees in the older forest have grown up after a fire in 1848. Here you can see a living pine, older tha 560 years. The park also consists of younger pine- and birch forests and swamp forests.

An exciting focal point of the part is Abborrträsk, a settlement from 1757 located beside the lake of the same name. The buildings and the surrounding land have been owned by the Gällivare folklore society since 1990, when they were taken over from SCA.

What to do

Features of the Peltovaara conservation park include:

  • Virgin pine forest featuring one pine tree that are older than 560 years
  • Virgin spruce forest with many red-listed species
  • The Abborträsk settlement, which was founded in 1757
  • Timber tourist cabins from the 1860s
  • An old railway worker trail between Gällivare and Porjus
  • Lapp fireplaces, Lapp birch bark pits and a Lapp sacrificial place

How to get here

Peltovvara is situated 16 km southwest of Gällivare. Road E45 runs through the park.

With a gps: 67.085 • 20.347