"We are looking for companies that want to be part of transforming the forest industry. We offer an intensive program focusing on international business," says Monica Vestberg, Project Manager for Forest Business Accelerator.

In addition to customized business coaching from BizMaker's business advisors, the program provides access to industry specialists from SCA, IBM and Processum, advanced technology platforms and valuable networks. The Accelerator aims to create opportunities for collaboration and value for both startups and major companies.

"Cross-fertilizing the forest industry with digitalization and entrepreneurship is very interesting. We are very satisfied with the outcome of last year's program, and are now looking forward to meeting more startups with forest industry innovations in 2018," says Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager at SCA.

Companies in the program receive support from IBM with their in-depth knowledge of digital innovation and are offered access to a powerful platform for application development.

"We view the meeting between large and small companies as highly valuable and is very important in strengthening the innovative capacity of Sweden. We wanted to find a model by which we can work together with startups. Forest Business Accelerator has been extremely successful at achieving this goal," says Gun Blom Lundgren, Channel Director & CSI Leader at IBM.

Processum is a new partner in the program in 2018, and offers participants access to test and demonstration equipment in the area of forest biorefinery and advice on patent and intellectual property issues.

"It is enormously important that innovations in biorefinery are realized in new companies, products and services. We regard the Forest Business Accelerator as an excellent tool and we are convinced that a mix of forestry and digital focus has major potential for the future," says Magnus Hallberg, CEO of Processum.

Svensk Skogsdata is one company that took part in the 2017 program, and that has now initiated continued collaboration with the major companies.

"We have received a great deal of help from BizMaker's business advisors in strengthening our product for the global market. IBM is currently developing our cloud services and together with SCA we will continue to test and develop our product using their machines," says Jan-Erik Rendahl at Svensk Skogsdata.

The final date for applications to Forest Business Accelerator is March 1, 2018. The program commences in April and concludes at the end of November. To qualify, the company's product or service must have been launched in the market, or be close to launch. Companies from across Sweden are welcome to apply.

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Monica Vestberg, Project Manager for Forest Business Accelerator at BizMaker
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Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager at SCA
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Gun Blom Lundgren, Channel Director & CSI Leader at IBM Svenska AB
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Magnus Hallberg, CEO of Processum
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