"For many years, we have worked systematically and made large investments to replace fossil fuels with biofuels and today we are 95% fossil-free. Since 2010, we have reduced our emissions of fossil carbon dioxide by approximately 60%. We are also working actively to develop the next generation of bio-based products in order to be part of the continued transition," says Katarina Kolar, Sustainability Director at SCA.

Fossil-free Sweden is a platform for dialogue and cooperation between companies, municipalities and other types of players who want to make Sweden fossil-free. By signing the initiative's declaration, the signatories support Sweden forging ahead in its climate efforts and promise to establish targets and implement specific measures to become fossil-free themselves. The signatories include 180 companies, 40 municipalities, 9 regions and county councils, as well as industry associations, stakeholder organizations, teaching and research institutions, and one diocese.

"SCA is Europe's largest private forest owner and our goal is for our entire value chain to be fossil free," Katarina Kolar continues. In net terms, our growing forests bind several times more carbon dioxide each year than all emissions of fossil carbon dioxide from our entire value chain. Our products replace products with a larger carbon footprint. Our biofuels replace oil. Wind power stations on our land generate renewable electricity. We contribute in many ways.

"The fact that so many large companies have joined demonstrates that the business sector supports the vision of Sweden becoming a fossil-free welfare nation, but also that they foresee the competitive advantages of becoming fossil-free and selling climate-smart solutions. Through its role in the new bio-economy, SCA can also contribute to this adjustment generating growth for the Swedish economy," says Svante Axelsson, national coordinator for Fossil-free Sweden.

Fossil-free Sweden was initiated by the Swedish government ahead of the climate meeting in Paris in 2015. The national coordinator is Svante Axelsson. He serves as the signatories' link to the Swedish government with the aim of eliminating obstructions and creating the conditions for more rapid emissions reductions.​