value for startups and major companies.

"A well-conceived collaboration between entrepreneurs and large companies provides attractive conditions to create entirely new values. We need entrepreneurs who can develop and commercialize concepts that lie outside our own focus areas," says Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager at SCA.

In 2018, the program will also be further boosted by Processum, a subsidiary of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, which has joined as a new collaborative partner. This means that participants will have access to test and demonstration equipment in the area of forest biorefinery and advice on patent and intellectual property issues.

Applications for the Forest Business Accelerator 2018 open on February 1, 2018. The program then commences in April and concludes at the end of November. Read more about Forest Business Accelerator here

Participating startups in Forest Business Accelerator 2017:

Ekoligens (Stockholm)

Has developed a 100-percent recyclable, fossil-free clothes hanger with minimal environmental and social impact. The company has now launched collaboration with KappAhl, with Ekoligens being used for the clothes company's sustainable collection. KappAhl states that this has saved as much as 1.1 tons of plastic.

Imorgon Innovation (Sundsvall)

M3 smart homes in timber with a focus on project planning and development in the area of marine environment. Sundsvall Municipality is now considering a zoning plan for an entire block of the company's floating homes. Discussions are also being held with a number of other Swedish cities. A contract has been signed with a private landowner for a housing project.

Katam Technologies (Malmö)

A digital solution for objectively measuring the forest portfolio in real time using a smartphone. The product has now reached commercial maturity and negotiations are under way with the first client regarding the introduction into operations.

LUP Technologies (Stockholm)

A terminal system that gathers all facility procedures under a single reference number - a LUPNUMBER®. During the autumn, the company has gained several new customers and is currently working to further develop the system based on the feedback received.

Skogens Sköna Gröna (Ånge)

Views the forest in an entirely new way and produces food products with spruce shoots as the flavor carrier. The company has created two new packaging types in cooperation with SCA. The products have been exported to Canada and the company is now also looking at the US market.

Sustainalube (Luleå)

An innovative approach resulted in a world product – Sustainalube has developed organic saw chain oil and lubrication for forestry and construction equipment. The company has increased its number of distributors and appointed four new employees during the autumn. Sustainalube has also begun its international launch.

Svensk Skogsdata (Hultsfred)

Origin labeling of logs and digitalization of the forest's flow system using patented leading-edge technology. The company is currently negotiating with investors and international customers. The value of the company has increased substantially and the technology is now being tested and verified on harvesters.

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