• Greenpeace in action at the Östrand pulp mill

    Monday October 16, Greenpeace carried out an action against SCA’s pulp mill Östrand in Timrå. Activists from Greenpeace tried to stop all transports in and out of the mill and four activists climbed the old recovery boiler, the highest building on the site, to put up a banderol. By lunch-time the same day, the action was stopped. The police are investigating possible criminal offences.

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  • SCA protects forests with high nature qualities

    Comment to Greenpeace report

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  • Amy Sellers won the Young Supplier Achiever of the Year Award

    At the BMF Awards held on 20 September, Amy Sellers, New Product Development and Marketing Manager in Supply UK, won the Young Supplier Achiever of the Year Award.

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  • New edition of Timber News

    SCA Timber's customer magazine, Timber News, no. 2/2017, is released. Timber News is published in Swedish, English and French version.

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  • New life for used paper towels

    Your thrown-away paper hand towels from the office washroom are a resource. SCA tries out a new service that collects customers’ used paper towels and recycles them locally into new tissue products.

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  • Message from the Chairman of the Board of SCA, Pär Boman

    I have today (April 11, 2017) been questioned by prosecutor Alf Johansson regarding suspicions of receiving bribes. These suspicions are, in my opinion, groundless.

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  • 50 years in business and ready for the future

    SCA Logistics Rotterdam is expanding and preparing for 33 new years at Europe's biggest port. The terminal and Port of Rotterdam have agreed a new contract that extends until 2049.

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  • New edition of Timber News

    SCA Timber’s customer magazine, Timber News, no. 1/2017, is released. Timber News is published in Swedish, English and French version.

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  • SCA Timber sponsors architecture festival in the high coast in Sweden

    In June it is the premiere of ARKNAT – a two week long festival that merges architecture and nature in the middle of the World Heritage High Coast. "We want to inspire more people to use wood products because it's good for the environment, and therefore we contribute with locally produced wood to the festival," says Katarina Levin at SCA Timber.

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  • SmartTimber – timber innovations and fresh thinking

    The construction season in Sweden is well underway. SCA Timber Supply Skandinavien is now continuing its launch of the SmartTimber value enhancement concept, which includes a number of product innovations to meet demand for decking and cladding.

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