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Forest-based biofuel and wind power

SCA is Europe's largest private forest owner. Through the large forests, SCA owns land with high windpower potential. SCA is also one of Europe's largest suppliers of forest-based biofuels. SCA Energy develops renewable energy from forest resources and produces refined and unrefined forest-based biofuel, in addition to managing SCA’s wind-power assets.

Forest-based biofuels, pellets and peat

SCA's forest-based product range includes fuel wood, logging residues (tops and branches fromlogging), bark and sawdust from sawmills processed into pellets and briquettes. For livestock produced a specially designed wood pellets - Stall Pellets. Although peat for power and heat are included in the range. 

SCA BioNorr is responsible for wood pellet production at plants in Härnösand and Stugun, Sweden.

Wind power

Through SCAs large forest holdings SCA has land with high wind potential. SCA Vind develops SCAs wind power assets, in-house and through collaborations.