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SCA's Personalstiftelse

The operations of SCA's Personalstiftelse - a recreation foundation - mainly involve renting recreational housing to SCA employees and SCA pensioners in Sweden.

Today, the foundation owns about 100 holiday homes, 12 of which are located abroad. In total, the foundation has about 150 cabins/apartments to choose from.

The foundation was formed on 12 February 1957 as a result of a decision by SCA’s Board of Directors. The foundation’s name is Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolagets Personalstiftelse.

The purpose of the foundation was to promote social and leisure activities for the benefit of employees in the company and its subsidiaries. The foundation was thus born and is still active today for the enjoyment of SCA employees in Sweden.

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The statutes, board members and organisational chart are posted to the right on this page, however, in Swedish only.

Last updated: 3/2/2010