With a well-developed technical customer service, we wish to provide our customers with rapid replies and contribute to a unique solution for each problem. Together with our customers, we participate in joint development projects. Thanks to SCA's research laboratory, R&D Centre, we have access to research and development experts of outstanding international class and extremely advanced equipment as a work support.

We have an extensive cooperation with our own sales offices throughout Europe who can gather and convey the opinions of the customers with regard to products and services. Our aim is that our customers shall receive the best possible quality and a problem-free existence when they use our various products.

The fibre keeps us together

It all begins with a rather unimpressive asset – only a few millimetres long and a fraction of a millimetre wide. We are talking about the wood fibre! Fresh fibre is the base for all our products.

Strategic priorities

  • Rationalisation and enhance efficiency to achieve higher profitability.
  • Higher share of value-added and customised products.
  • Greater degree of raw material integration.
  • Utilise the commercial strength of SCA's leading position in the environmental area, for example, in renewable raw materials and recyclable products.
  • Capitalise on the potential of energy production and effective energy solutions available in SCA's extensive holdings of forests and forestland and in the industry's processes and by-products.
  • Customer oriented product development.
  • Our ambition is to achieve a world class environmental care.

SCA Paper

The division SCA Paper contains SCA's packaging and publication paper businesses. The division comprises the paper mills Ortviken, Obbola and Munksund and the sales and marketing organisations for publication papers and containerboard.

SCA Containerboard

Together we make it happen
SCA Containerboard is your independent fresh fibre-based partner offering innovative and sustainable solutions for your business. Our goal is to provide you with premium products and services that complete your needs. Every application, every customer and every region is unique. By choosing us you can rely on professional products and services for your business.

SCA Publication Papers

Publication Papers is an innovative part of SCA.

SCA offers a broad range of high quality publication papers. Our products have a unique environmental profile and SCA has a long tradition of environmental awareness. New from 2012 is that we have included PEFC in our forest certification schemes for all our products.

SCA is investing MGBP 30 (MEuro 38) at the Ortviken paper mill in Sundsvall, Sweden, to increase the capacity for producing high quality publication paper grades. We are doing this in order for us to support our customers even better in the future and to strengthen the position of our products. SCA's commitment to top quality grades is long term and our publication paper operations are a key component of our Forest Products business.

Our newest product is a super bright bulky grade named GraphoInvent. It offers several advantages. The cost of the paper is lower but the perceived quality deteriorates. Less weight also means that you and your customers save money on distribution.

We can now also proudly present GraphoSilk. Not only does it boast the same excellent runnability as GraphoCote, it comes with a number of improvements, such as higher brightness and greater bulk. This makes it an interesting alternative to other matt, bright coated papers.

Product development - R&D Centre

Through customer-oriented development work, we want to enhance the customer's and our own competitiveness. Cooperation with our customers is therefore the highest priority in our product development.

Our R&D Centre expertise covers the entire value chain from raw materials to the final products. Our long tradition in R&D at SCA means that we have extensive experience of this.

SCA R&D Centre focuses on efficient processes for both pulp and paper manufacturing. We use our excellent knowledge right down to the pure fibre level to optimise the raw materials in our pulp and paper products. To support this we have highly qualified engineers and an extensive range of instruments and machinery for physical and chemical pulp and paper testing. We also use a broad range of well-developed methods and techniques for many different areas.

We work closely with research institutes, univer­sities and a number of machine and chemical suppliers.

Environmental service

Our products have a very strong environmental profile and we have developed skilled competence in areas like TCF, Carbon Footprint and Environmental Labelling.

SCA offers environmental service and co-operation in areas like:

  • FSC® and PEFC™ certification
  • Are you going to FSC-certify your product? We can help you with practical issues and sorting out different criteria's for the different FSC labels.
  • Environmental labelling
  • Are your products fulfilling the criteria's settled for different types of Environmental labels? We can help you with the calculations.
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Different standards and methods to calculate the Carbon Footprint are being established and we offer skilled competence in this field.
  • Environmental questionnaires
  • Product Safety standards
  • Environmental analysis in our certified laboratory