Market - Incontinence products

SCA offers a broad range of incontinence products under the TENA brand and is the clear global market leader. SCA’s offering, which includes both products and services, improves the quality of life for consumers while also reducing costs for institutional customers, such as nursing homes.

Incontinence products is the Personal Care segment that has the highest rate of growth.

Incontinence, which is classed as a disease by the World  Health Organization (WHO), affects 5–7% of the world’s population. Many indicators point to the proportion of people affected increasing on a global scale as a result of an aging population. In five years, the population of the world over the age of 60 is estimated to pass the one billion mark. Market  penetration is generally low for incontinence products, particularly among men. In Europe, the degree of penetration is less than 40%, while it is significantly lower in emerging markets. The occurrence of incontinence is two to three times more common among women than men and it is estimated that one-fourth of the world’s women aged over 35 will be affected at some point in their lives.

Institutional care and homecare account for about 60% of the global market for incontinence products. Here, the main focus is on supplying high-quality products combined with qualified advisory services that simplify handling  procedures and reduce costs for care providers. The retail market accounts for approximately 40% of the global market.

SCA’s business

SCA is the world leader in incontinence products through its global brand  TENA, which has annual sales in excess of SEK 10bn.

SCA’s global market share in incontinence products is more than double that of the second largest player. SCA is the market leader in Europe, Asia (excluding Japan) and Latin America. SCA prioritizes high growth in all segments, strengthened global market leadership and a continued focus on building leading positions in Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Middle East
and Latin America. China is a market with low penetration and an aging population with high growth potential for incontinence products. Over the past four years, SCA has trained 10,000 nurses from more than 1,200 hospitals in a number of cities throughout the country. The response has been very positive and, in 2013, about 3,200 nursing assistants and more than 1,000 managers of care institutions received training.

Since in many parts of the world, incontinence is surrounded by a social  taboo, it is crucial to raise understanding and acceptance of the disease and enhance quality of life. SCA is endeavoring to break this taboo by providing information and through marketing activities, training and global forums. SCA offers products that enhance quality of life for people with incontinence.

SCA, with the TENA brand, has large growth potential in incontinence  products thanks to an aging population and low market penetration. For the retail trade, SCA works with information, advertising and the development of increasingly discrete, comfortable, easy-to-use and effective products, always with the customer and consumer benefits in mind.