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Market - Incontinence products

SCA offers a broad range of incontinence products under the TENA brand and is the clear global market leader. SCA’s offering, which includes both products and services, improves the quality of life for consumers while also reducing costs for institutional customers, such as nursing homes.

SCA’s offering also includes an assortment of skincare products, wash gloves and shower caps. Through TENA Solutions, SCA helps nursing homes provide the best care by offering procedures, analysis tools and training. The advantages include improved well-being for the care recipients, a better workplace environment, less resource consumption and lower overall costs. SCA’s global market share in incontinence products is more than double that of the second largest player. SCA is the market leader in Europe, Asia (excluding Japan) and Latin America.


SCA aims to strengthen and develop its global market-leading position and set the standard in the market for incontinence care. Since incontinence is surrounded by social taboos in many regions of the world, it is vital to raise understanding and acceptance of the condition to enhance the quality of life for people suffering from incontinence. SCA is involved in increasing awareness of incontinence as a disease and contributing to better conditions for people who suffer from it by arranging seminars and educational programs for nurses and professional caregivers within the scope of the health and medical care systems in various countries. To help to establish sustainable reimbursement systems, SCA works with decision-makers and governments in different countries.

SCA works actively to break the taboos surrounding incontinence and continues to invest in order to increase its market penetration by providing information and through marketing activities, training and global forums. SCA’s activities for the retail trade include information, advertising and the development of increasingly discreet, comfortable, easy-to-use and effective products, always with the customer and consumer benefi ts in mind. With the introduction of TENA Men and Lights by TENA, SCA further expanded its offering for men and consumers with lighter incontinence problems. For institutional customers, SCA will continue to promote TENA Solutions to help consumers improve the quality of the of their incontinence care and lower their overall costs.