SCA Supplier Collaboration Information

IMPORTANT NOTICE! This information only applies for Indirect Material and Services ordered from Office site Gothenburg and Ismaning, June 2016 

Dear Valued Supplier,

SCA has implemented a new standard way of working for ordering indirect materials and services via a cloud-based purchasing system - Ariba.

SCA is convinced our collaboration will become more efficient and cost-effective by ensuring SCA stays true to supplier commitments,enforcing the use of SCA’s preferred supplier base and increasing the compliance to contracts. For you as a supplier to SCA, the key benefits are also:

Formalized confirmation of every purchase order, leading to reduction of order errors and communication mistakes

Lower transaction costs via higher degree of automation  between SCA and suppliers

SCA is committed to work together with our suppliers to achieve improved procurement and business efficiency. SCA is confident the use of a purchasing system will be mutually beneficial for both our organizations and looks forward to continue to developing our relationship with your company by the use of Ariba.

To join Ariba Network and start to receive purchase orders from SCA please contact your counterpart within the SCA sourcing organization or procurement operations.

If you mainly collaborate with:

To find out more:

• Ariba for Suppliers: http://

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