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Reporting and data

Each year SCA collects a large amount of environmental, social and economic data.

The information is primarily compiled from SCA’s RMS system and the Group’s accounting system, ABS. All business units report information to ABS, including salaries, pensions, absence due to illness, education levels, skills development costs and other information related to employees.


SCA operates an extensive system of gathering and presenting environmental data for individual production facilities and entire business units. The Resource Management System (RMS) allows SCA to analyse data describing how the company uses energy, water, transport and raw materials, and to monitor waste and emission levels.

The RMS data is used for internal control and monitoring, external benchmarking and as a tool for evaluating acquisitions and major investments.
Illustration: Resources and discharges

This is a schematic diagram of resources and discharges involved in the industrial production of pulp and paper. SCA uses energy and raw materials (forest fibre and recovered paper) in its processes and different transport systems to transport raw material to the mills and to distribute products to SCA customers. These processes result in air emissions, water discharges and solid waste.


SCA reports in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, G4 Core.The GRI indicators cover SCA manufacturing operations and most office locations, but do not include centralised corporate functions.