Code of Conduct

The Group’s Code of Conduct helps bring SCA’s values to life and ensures that the company’s actions are aligned with universal standards of good business practice.

In place since 2004, the Code of Conduct is inspired by SCA’s core values of respect, excellence and responsibility. Aligned with universal standards of business conduct as defined by the International Bill of Human Rights, ILO Core Conventions and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the Code serves as a compass on individual and collective behaviour when employees are making business decisions or are faced with ethical dilemmas. The Code provides guidelines for SCA and its employees regarding health and safety, human rights, business ethics, employee relations and community involvement.

SCA’s supplier network is becoming increasingly complex and global. To confront that challenge, Group-wide sourcing procedures seek to ensure that SCA’s products are manufactured with respect for people and nature. SCA’s supplier standard, for example, drives shared values and priorities through its supply chain.


  • We will maintain compliance with our SCA Code of Conduct. All employees will receive regular training in the Code.
  • Our SCA supplier standard will be used to drive shared values and priorities through our supply chain. We will use it in all our supply chain contracts by 2015.

Outcome 2013

  • 91% (87) of employees have received Code of Conduct training.
  • A total of 75% (73) of SCA’s global hygiene supplier base and 60% (40) of our forest product’s supplier base had undertaken to adhere to the SCA Global Supplier Standard.