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No water, no life. It is the same for everybody – people, industries, agriculture and the ecosystem. SCA’s production uses water primarily to transport fibers and for cooling. The aim is to use less water but also to purify the water we use as effectively as possible.


  • Our tissue operations will reduce the water usage by 10% and organic content (BOD) by 10%. Our forest products operations will reduce phosphorous emissions by 10%. The Group will reduce suspended solids by 10%. The target will be achieved by 2020.               

Water is our most important nutrient

SCA mainly uses water to transport fibers, and for cooling in the production process. Most of our plants, which account for 97% of our water usage, are located in areas with a plentiful supply of water. However, in those regions with a shortage of water – known as water-stress – this is a serious problem.

Accordingly, our previous water target aimed to reduce water usage at SCA’s plants in water-stressed regions by 10% between 2010 and 2015 – a target that had already been achieved by 2013. This target also included equipping all pulp and paper mills with mechanical and biological treatment systems, which was achieved in 2015.