Water is a priority for SCA because pulp and paper mills use large volumes. The Group has set new targets for reducing water usage in water-stressed areas, and for ensuring that only high quality, treated water leaves the mills.

  • We aim to achieve water sustainability and we will reduce our water usage in water-stressed regions by 10% by 2015, with 2010 as reference year.
  • All SCA pulp and paper mills will employ mechanical and biological water treatment plants by 2015.

Outcome 2013

  • By year-end 2013, water usage in water-stressed regions in relation to the production level had declined by 10.4%, compared with the reference year of 2010.
  • Of the Group’s 44 pulp and paper mills, mechanical and biological effluent treatment systems have been installed at 42 plants.

The Sustainability effect

Water running on open hands - SCA

Accessible water resources are distributed extremely unevenly between regions. That's why SCA focuses on reducing water usage in such waterstressed regions as Mexico, Colombia, Spain and Italy. SCA’s greenfield tissue site in Mexico is an excellent example of how we ensure that we avoid using more water than is absolutely necessary and we have also installed a first-rate water treatment plant at the site.