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No water, no life. It is the same for everybody – people, industries, agriculture and the ecosystem. SCA’s production uses water primarily to transport fibers and for cooling. The aim is to use less water in water-stressed regions, but also to purify the water we use as effectively as possible.

  • We aim to achieve water sustainability and we will reduce our water usage in water-stressed regions by 10% by 2015, with 2010 as reference year.
  • All SCA pulp and paper mills will employ mechanical and biological water treatment plants by 2015.

Outcome 2015

  • By year-end 2015, water usage in water-stressed regions in relation to the production level had declined by 18.7%, compared with the reference year of 2010.
  • Mechanical and biological effluent treatment systems have been installed at all of the Group’s 43 pulp and paper mills.