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Fiber sourcing & biodiversity

The forest is an important resource that we care for diligently. Through responsible forest management, SCA utilizes its environmental values and produces valuable, renewable raw material. SCA’s responsibility also extends to reviewing the purchasing of fresh fiber.


  • All fresh wood fiber-based raw material in our products will be FSC® or PEFC certified, or fulfill the FSC's standard for controlled wood.
  • We will preserve the biodiversity of our forests. A minimum of 5% of our productive forest land will be set aside from forestry in our ecological landscape plans and a further 5% will be set aside as part of our consideration for nature in our managed forests. More on SCA's forest management

SCA introduces new fiber target

The new fiber target also encompasses packaging

Everyone who purchases products from SCA should feel secure about the origin of the raw material. This includes not only the pulp or timber, but all wood fiber in the product, including the packaging.

This is SCA’s new, ambitious target. All fresh fiber must originate from responsibly managed forests – forests that are managed under good labor conditions and with respect for biodiversity.

All wood fiber must be certified according to FSC® or PEFC standards. Alternatively, the fiber is to meet the requirements of FSC Controlled Wood standards, which mean that the origin of the fiber has been controlled by an independent party, such as an auditor. This also applies to products, such as packaging and mother reels, that SCA purchases from other suppliers.

“Consumer demand is the ultimate governing factor and we want to be able to offer products that we know with absolute certainty were manufactured in a sustainable manner,” says Patrik Isaksson, Vice President, Environmental Affairs at SCA.

The previous target was that no pulp or timber used by SCA was to have originated from areas with controversial forest management. That target has now been met, and it is time to take the next step.