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Fiber sourcing & biodiversity

Consumers must feel confident that all components of an SCA product and all fiber are derived through responsible forest management. This is the basis of SCA’s target for fiber. SCA’s own forests are cultivated with a focus on biodiversity, and they contribute a valuable, renewable raw material.


  • All fresh wood fiber-based raw material in our products will be FSC® or PEFC certified, or fulfill the FSC's standard for controlled wood.
  • We will preserve the biodiversity of our forests. A minimum of 5% of our productive forest land will be set aside from forestry in our ecological landscape plans and a further 5% will be set aside as part of our consideration for nature in our managed forests. More on SCA's forest management

VIA highlights valuable forest certification

SCA’s links to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) are strong and we prioritize FSC certification. We play an active role in developing the FSC and finance and participate in the Value and Impact Analysis (VIA), a special evaluation of the FSC. Work began in earnest in 2016.

For SCA, it is therefore of the utmost importance to ensure that the wood raw material used in the company’s operations is not sourced from controversial sources.

The aim of VIA is to identify how the FSC’s influence on forestry and people can be measured and how the value of the certification can be communicated in the best way. A number of stakeholders are taking part, including the forest industry, non-profit organizations and researchers.

“It is time for our industry to shift focus from compliance and instead highlight the real advantages with the FSC and responsible forest management,” says Hans Djurberg, Sustainability Director at SCA and a member of the FSC international board. The use of certified fiber has a positive impact on the environment and on people who are dependent on forests. We have a responsibility to communicate this and help consumers make better and more sustainable choices.

SCA hopes that the VIA and the ongoing comprehensive investigation will help us to convey our positive impact on forestry and people through the FSC. It is also satisfying to develop a method that will be used to evaluate other certification systems from a sustainability perspective.