Climate and energy

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SCA takes a 360-degree approach to its environmental impact – we have targets in place for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, tripling the production of forest-based biofuels and increasing the availability of wind power.

SCA has three sustainability targets related to climate and energy:

  • We will reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels and from purchased electricity and heating by 20% by 2020, with 2005 as reference year.
  • We will triple our production of biofuels from our forests by 2020, with 2010 as reference year.
  • The production of wind power on SCA forest land will increase to 5 TWh by 2020.

Outcome 2015

  • At year-end 2015, CO2 emissions in relation to the production level had declined by 17.4%, compared with the reference year of 2005.
  • SCA’s production of biofuel from its own forests amounted to 610 GWh (687).
  • Wind energy from SCA forest land totaled 1.9 TWh (1.1).