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Reaching out to make a difference

SCA wants to help solve social challenges. These challenges are a source of innovation and change. In some cases, SCA can contribute to solutions as part of its business, while in others, SCA adopts a corporate citizen approach.

 Over time, the social dimension has become an increasingly important part of companies’ CSR strategies – and this has also been the case for SCA. The social needs of communities are growing, and many of these can only be solved through cooperation between companies and communities.

At the same time, these needs are a source of inspiration and development for companies’ business models and product offerings. There are ample opportunities to create shared value between companies and the community, where business value for the company and social value for the community go hand in hand.

SCA prioritizes social initiatives with a clear link to the company’s values, expertise, operations and geographic presence. Many initiatives are in hygiene and health, often related to women and children.

The projects vary over time and between regions. They range from hygiene programs to emergency relief or support for local projects and organizations. These projects strengthen SCA’s position in the community and build loyalty and goodwill. They contribute to our reputation as an attractive employer, and make our employees proud to be working for SCA. In 2016, SCA invested SEK 32m in approximately 400 projects.