Solid-wood products

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SCA Timber is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood-based products. The product range is supplemented with service and distribution solutions for customers in the wood industry and builders’ merchant sector.

SCA is a qualified supplier in this segment to the house building, home furnishings and furniture industries for panels, floors, windows, doors and furniture.

Another growing market is semi-industrial and industrial wood input materials, which are delivered as finished products in various lengths, dimensions and quality of selected raw materials. Products for the “do-it-yourself” market and the building materials trade are delivered planed and pre-packaged.

In the solid-wood products area, the strategy is to grow toward more processed and customised components in markets that offer long-term growth. SCA’s own raw materials, production and logistics expertise, and closer cooperation with customers, generate competitive advantages. 

SCA develops “Visible wood”, products for interiors and carpentry. “Developed wood” refers to products that are customised for the next stage in the processing chain and are supported by services and warehousing integrated into the customer’s distribution and sales.