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SCA is welcoming baby products to the Lotus brand family!

2017-03-29 14:30

The iconic status of the Lotus brand is a true success story: it is the market leader of all its product categories in France, and at least one Lotus product can be found in 50% of French homes. This is something SCA clearly wants to leverage on, and – in line with our strategy to ‘Innovate bigger brands’ – we are now adding a full-range of baby products to the Lotus brand family. 

There were 785 000 births in France in 2016, and France has among the highest birth rates in Europe.  This means that there is an obvious business opportunity for SCA in the French baby market. 

“The decision to launch a full-range of baby products under our Lotus brand in France fits perfectly with SCA’s strategy to ‘Innovate bigger brands’. Lotus – with a current assortment of dry and moist toilet paper, tissues, hankies, baby cotton pads, cotton swabs and household towels – is seen as a family brand and adding baby products to its product portfolio will both strengthen the brand further and drive profitable growth in the baby category,” explains Volker Zöller, President Consumer Goods.

To make an impactful launch, the product range will include a full line of diapers (open and pants) and baby wipes. In addition, all products will come in the same quality as Libero Touch, SCA’s exceptionally soft and comfortable diapers. The quality clearly differentiates the Lotus diapers from other diapers in the French market and allows Lotus and SCA to position this new range in the premium segment.

“The French market is in general very receptive towards branded products and therefore, Lotus is a perfect fit. I am looking forward seeing the products in stores early may”, adds Marc Sanchez, Vice President Sales and Marketing Region France & Italy.

All products will be available in stores in the beginning of May, and the launch will be supported by a full marketing campaign, including digital activities, TVC’s, samples and in-store activation.