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Keep control with a new digital campaign from TENA Men

2015-03-19 10:00

SCA and it's leading global incontinence brand TENA is launching a new digital campaign for TENA Men called “Keep Control”. As part of the campaign, we are introduced to Stirling Gravitas, a man who has control over his life, regardless of whether he is visiting a massage therapist or taming a lion. The campaign will be featured in the four Nordic countries and in a further six countries in Europe. 

Stirling Gravitas, the frontman for TENA for Men's campaign.

The campaign from TENA Men aims to break taboos and encourage men to deal with various challenges in life, including any possible bladder weakness. This is accomplished using humor in a film clip that can be shared via social media. 

A SCA study in 2013 showed that one in four men aged 40 or older and as many as one in two men aged 55 or older will experience bladder weakness at some point in their lives. The main character in the campaign, Stirling Gravitas, urges men who have experienced bladder weakness to take control of the situation with the help of TENA Men, continence products specially developed for men.

About "Keep Control" campaign

The “Keep Control” campaign has been developed by SCA and TENA Men to break taboos and show that bladder weakness does not have to prevent men from living the lives they want to live.

The creative advertising agency is the UK-based AMW BBDO. The Swedish media partner is BeOn and the PR agency More PR.

“We hope that Stirling Gravitas, with a glint in his eye, will encourage men and show that it is possible for them to continue living the lives they want to live even if they suffer from bladder weakness.”

“Using humor is something new for our TENA Men brand. We believe that it is the right direction to take to eliminate the stigma surrounding bladder weakness in men.”

“TENA is a Nordic market leader and works continuously to break the taboos associated with bladder weakness. All of our products are developed to help people feel secure, keep control and continue to live a normal, active life,” says Josefine Wihlborg, Nordic Marketing Manager TENA Men, on the launch of “Keep Control.”

Go to TENA's website to know more  or visit TENA for Men on Youtube