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“SCA GO! Program provided me with my first real job.”

2016-03-04 14:52

 Upon my graduation from Linköping University with a degree in business administration, new and exciting opportunities began to unfold when the leading global hygiene and forest products company, SCA, was searching for newly qualified economists for its two-year SCA GO! Program.
“It was an excellent way for me to start working at the company. There is a clear development plan and employees are expected to pursue their own development paths,” explains Sales Representative, Paulina Hammerö.


Text Joel Åhlén-Nyström

SCA has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden, and has operations in 60 countries and sales in more than 100. SCA develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue and forest products. The story of how Paulina first became aware of the company is somewhat different.
“I’m a sailing fanatic and noticed that SCA participated in the Volvo Ocean Race in 2014–2015 with an all-female crew. When the time came to look for a job, I thought about SCA as a potential future employer. My reasoning was that a company that invests in an all-female crew in the Volvo Ocean Race would certainly provide me with solid opportunities as a woman. As I read more about SCA, I had a really positive impression and I realized that there were opportunities for international development, as well as a team-oriented and motivated corporate culture, which attracted me,” explains Paulina Hammerö.

 The SCA GO! Program is offered within the fields of R&D, Product Supply, Marketing and Sales.
“I chose to apply for a position within Sales and felt it was just right for me,” Paulina explains. As a participant in the SCA GO! Program specializing in Sales, Paulina worked as a salesperson in the Away From Home (AfH) business unit, which develops SCA’s tissue under the global brand Tork, a supplier of professional hygiene solutions.
“The best thing about my job is that every day is different and entails new challenges. There is a full spectrum of activity. One day, I might be participating in a project where we use a newly created app, Ella’s Handwashing Adventure, to teach preschoolers to wash their hands in order to avoid the spread of infection. The next day I might be participating in negotiations at one of our customers,” Paulina continues.

Which challenges are the greatest and most enjoyable?
“Meeting all of the new people and realizing that no two are alike! Customer needs must be fulfilled in different ways to achieve a positive and long-term cooperation.”

How much have you developed professionally since joining SCA?
“I’ve developed considerably, because I was given a lot of responsibility from the very start. Furthermore, all participants have their own mentor, which is really helpful. Most of the learning occurs in the course of day-to-day work and through the exchange of information with other GO! participants in the global network. I’ve also had the opportunity to attend courses in sales and negotiations, which I feel have really benefited me. My understanding of the work process has increased through my involvement in additional areas within our department.”

What is the best thing about the SCA GO! Program?
“That I get to personally determine and influence how and what I want to learn. To date, we’ve had three networking conferences at various locations in Europe attended by all the participants of the SCA GO! Program in Sales and Marketing. At these meetings, we’ve had interesting group discussions and a distinct focus on SCA’s core values, brands and market strategies. We’ve also learned more about such aspects as controlling and shopper behavior, and have even managed to go on field trips to SCA’s plants. The SCA GO! Program is providing me with a really solid foundation for my continued development and future career,” Paulina concludes.

Name: Paulina Hammerö
Age: 25
Education: MSc International Business Administration, Linköping University
Position: Sales Representative under SCA GO! Program specializing in Sales.

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