Market - AfH tissue

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With the global Tork brand, SCA is the world’s largest supplier of AfH tissue. The AfH segment comprises institutions and companies, including hospitals, healthcare institutions, large workplaces, industries, restaurants and hotels, for which SCA develops and sells complete hygiene solutions comprising tissue, soap, dispensers, service and maintenance. The products are distributed by wholesalers and service companies.

SCA is the clear market leader in Europe and holds a market share that is more than double that of the second largest player. SCA is the third largest player in North America. SCA’s market position is particularly strong in the foodservice segment in North America, where about every second napkin is supplied by SCA. SCA also holds strong positions in emerging markets, such as Russia and Colombia, where SCA is the market leader.

The global brand Tork provides significant synergies since the difference in consumer and customer requirements is minimal in regard to tissue and dispensers in the various parts of the world.