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Net sales decreased by 2% to SEK 33,651m (34,344). Organic sales, which exclude exchange rate effects, acquisitions and divestments, increased by 3%, of which volume accounted for 2% and price/mixfor 1%. The divestment of the baby diaper business in South Africa decreased net sales by 1%.


Organic sales increased by 2% in mature markets and by 3% in emerging markets. Emerging markets accounted for 41% of net sales. Exchange rate effects decreased net sales by 4%.

For incontinence products, under the globally leading TENA brand, organic sales increased by 2%. Growth is attributable to emerging markets and Western Europe. For baby diapers, organic sales decreased by 1%. Western Europe showed high growth, while sales in emerging markets decreased. For feminine care products, organic sales increased by 10%, attributable to emerging markets and Western Europe.

The adjusted operating profit¹⁾ rose 7% (10% excluding currency translation effects and divestments) to SEK 4,255m (3,990). Profit was favorably affected by higher volumes, a better price/mix and cost savings. Higher raw material costs had a negative earnings effect. Selling costs were higher, and investments were made in increased marketing activities. The British pound and Mexican peso have weakened against several trading currencies, which had a negative earnings effect.

The adjusted operating margin¹⁾ was 12.6% (11.6).

The adjusted return on capital employed¹⁾ was 31.8% (29.2).

The operating cash surplus amounted to SEK 5,314m (5,018). Operating cash flow amounted to SEK 4,723m (3,792).

Capital expenditures amounted to SEK1,896m (1,743).

¹⁾Excluding items affecting comparability