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Market - Feminine care

In feminine care, SCA offers a broad product portfolio that includes pads, panty liners, tampons, intimate soaps and intimate wipes. SCA is the world’s sixth largest player in the segment and the third largest in Europe. SCA is the market leader in Latin America.

A large and growing share of SCA’s sales takes place in emerging markets such as Latin America, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Examples of regional brands supported by SCA’s global brand platform include Libresse in the Nordic region, Russia and Malaysia, Bodyform in the UK, Nana in France, the Middle East and North Africa, and Saba and Nosotras in Latin America.


SCA’s strategy is to be the fastest growing feminine care brand globally and to increase sales while maintaining good profitability. SCA uses innovation to improve customer offerings and broaden the product category with such items as intimate wipes and intimate soaps to increase market share and brand loyalty. The Group’s feminine care brand platform and global advertising campaigns enable SCA to reach more consumers in various geographic markets with the same product improvements. SCA endeavors to break the taboos surrounding menstruation and promote awareness of hygiene and menstruation. Educational programs are arranged in Latin America, Asia and Europe that aim to educate girls about what happens to their bodies during puberty and when they have their period.