Below we have gathered some frequently asked questions about SCA together with the answers to them.

When was SCA founded?
SCA was formed in 1929 as a holding company for some ten Swedish forest-industry companies.

Which is SCA’s main business?
SCA develops, produces and markets personal care products, tissue, publication papers and solid-wood products.

What are SCA’s net sales?
In 2013, the Group had sales of approximately SEK 93bn (EUR 10.7bn).

In how many countries is the company present?
SCA conducts business in about 100 countries. 

Which are SCA's main markets, in terms of net sales?
In 2013, the five largest markets were Germany, France, United Kingdom, US and Sweden.

Where are the headquarters located?
In Stockholm, Sweden.

Who is the head of your company?
Jan Johansson is SCA's President and CEO. For more information about the management team, please go to www.sca.com/en/About_SCA/Organization_and_Management/

How many employees does SCA have?
SCA has about 44 000 employees in some 60 countries.

Where is the SCA share traded?
SCA shares are listed and traded on the Nasdaq OMX Stockholm exchange and as American Depositary Receipts (ADR level 1) in the US through Deutsche Bank.

Where do I find information about trading in SCA shares and which indices the shares are included in?
Please go to www.sca.com/en/Investors/SCA-share/Trade_information/

How has the dividend of SCA developed?
Please go to www.sca.com/en/Investors/SCA-share/Dividend/

Where do I find release dates for SCA’s financial reports?
Please go to www.sca.com/en/IR/Calendar/ 

What is your financial credit rating?
Please go to www.sca.com/en/Investors/Debt_market/Credit_rating/

What does your owner structure look like?
Please go to http://www.sca.com/en/Investors/SCA-share/Ownership/

How do you work with sustainability?
Please go to www.sca.com/en/Sustainability/

Where can I find information about job opportunities?
Please go to www.sca.com/en/Career/Vacancies/

Where can I find the annual report?
For a pdf version of the annual report, please go to www.sca.com/en/Investors/Reports/ You can also order your own copy at www.sca.com/en/Pages/Subscription/